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DehshidFit is a subscription based application that acts as a platform for those looking to get in shape. It is organized with the user in mind to help people achieve their fitness goals, no matter their level of experience or access to equipment. Subscribers will indicate their initial level of commitment by choosing between weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions, upon which they will be asked to provide us with some general information to inform us as we craft their customized plan. The application has three general components which are highlighted in the following paragraphs.

Workout Plan:

After signing up with DehshidFit, within 24 hours, users will receive a customized workout program designed with their goals in mind. Users will be provided with a clear outline of each workout, including video demonstrations for each exercise.

Meal Plan:

In addition to receiving the workout program, users will be provided with a nutrition program that includes a variety of options for each meal throughout the day. The application will provide each meal option alongside its ingredients and cooking instructions, allowing for an easy and user-friendly experience.

Progress Tracker:

This feature helps us keep users accountable, and gives users the opportunity to provide us with daily feedback to ensure that things are going smoothly as they make progress on their fitness goals.


DehshidFit is free to download. However, in order to access the tools provided in the app (i.e. customized workout programs, meal plans, and progress tracking features), users will need to subscribe. As long as the subscription is active, users will receive new workout programs and updated meal plans every 30 days. To cancel a subscription, users must email dehshidfitappservice@gmail.com, and your request will be processed within 24 hours. Users who cancel their subscription will continue to have access to the contents of the application through the remainder of the paid period.

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You are just a few clicks away from being subscribed to my all inclusive application, Dehshid Fit. By signing up you will have access to your own monthly updated and renewed customized training and nutrition program along side a system which allows me to track your progress. Simply choose your preferred method of subscription. You will remain a Dehshid Fit client with full access to your monthly updated programs unless you cancel your membership.